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ZOPA, the Zinc Oxide Producers Association, is a non commercial organisation representing The European Zinc oxide Industry. ZOPA is a Sector Group of IZA-Europe, the European branch of the International Zinc Association, based in Brussels, Belgium


  • Representing and promoting the interests of the European Zinc Oxide Producers at scientific, economic and technical levels
  • Providing a forum for zinc oxide producers to discuss common issues and presenting the industry's view to the National and International Competent Bodies on all relevant regulatory matters pertaining to health, safety, environment and trade issues


  • To develop the Technical Committee activities and to concentrate on regulatory issues, NCP, while insuring that risk assessment on zinc oxide is carried out in a scientifically sound manner, and with proper industry input
  • To coordinate with the International Zinc Association, Eurométaux and other zinc compounds producers, issues of common interest
  • To inform and keep contacts with non-ZOPA producers
  • To monitor imports from third countries and react to unfair trade practices (antidumping ...) and thus protect the European market
  • To ensure information flow among ZOPA members
  • To develop H&E communication policy
  • To collect and distribute statistical data on the zinc oxide trade  




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ZOPA members are compliant with REACH. REACH stands for Registration Evaluation and Authorization of CHemicals.

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